DIY PROJECT | Jar of Seeds Gift Idea

July 2, 2015

DIY Gift | Bottle of SeedsGiving the gift of seeds is a pretty special gift to give in my books and a decorated jar of seeds is a cool way of giving them. They are low cost and super thoughtful, since all the seeds will be from your own garden. Someone once gave me a jar of poppy seeds when they came to visit a while back. This gift really stuck in my head, it was such a thoughtful idea. She had gone to the trouble of harvesting the seeds and giving them to me in a cute jar with beads wrapped around, I was touched. Ever since I have kept this idea tucked away in the “diy gift idea” part of my mind, to be trundled out when a) I had some seeds and b) I could find the perfect reason to give them. Finding a reason was pretty easy but I had to wait until the end of the growing season to get my hands on lots of seeds.

DIY Gift Idea - Jar of SeedsOnce the seeds were harvested and dried I was ready to get on with the fun parts…… gift wrapping and the giving.
Easy, low cost and thoughtful, this definitely ticks all my gift giving criteria. Hopefully it ticks yours too.

DIY Gift Idea - Jar of SeedsBottle of Seeds DIY GiftDIY Gift Idea - Jar of SeedsBottle of Seeds DIY Gift

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