DIY PROJECT | Chunky Crochet Cushion Cover

July 21, 2015

DIY PROJECT_Crochet Cushion Cover

I’ve noticed a trend recently of chunky knit cushions……..and I love them. So I’ve decided to give it a go making one. After mulling over whether to knit or crochet….I decided on crocheting. I love the look of crochet and I found it achieved the chunky open knit I was after a lot more than knitting. As it turns out making my own chunky crochet cushion cover was super easy and cost a fraction of the price of a store bought one….easy and cheap are two of my favorite things…so win win on this project.

Here’s how I did it

What you’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook (I used size 5)
  • Big needle
  • Cushion you want to cover

Step 1| Measuring

Step 1 | Measuring

Measure the width and length (if not square) of the cushion. These measurements will be used to determine how wide and long your crochet knitting needs to be

Step 2 | Set Up Your Crochet

To start crocheting you need to make a slip knot and a starting chain. From this foundation chain you can begin any crochet stitch. Have a look below at the two videos from on how to make a slip knot and a foundation chain. You will need to make your foundation stitch the same width as your cushion. Use the measurement you took earlier or just measure it up against the width of the cushion. Make sure you hold the chain taut when your measuring as you will be pulling the crochet taut to sew the sides together at the end and you don’t want to end up with it being too wide as this will give you bulky seams.

Step 3 | Start Crocheting – Double Crochet Stitch

Once you have your foundation chain, its time to start crocheting. The particular stitch I have used is called the double crochet. The video below shows exactly how it is done, courtesy of

Step 4 | Length

Once you have mastered the stitch it actually starts to become really easy and relaxing. You want to keep going until your crochet is 3x the length of the cushion. Why 3x? Because this is an envelope style cushion, which means extra length is needed to overlap each other at the back and create an envelope to encase the cushion.

DIY PROJECT - Crochet Cushion Cover

Step 5 | Sewing up the Cushion

To sew up your cushion you need a chunky needle and a length of the same coloured yarn as the crochet.
First lay out the length of crochet on a flat surface and place the cushion in the centre. Fold each end over the cushion, one end will overlap the other. Pin in place across the centre. This is when you want to pull the cushion reasonably taut width wise to pin. This way the envelope opening will not gape open but rather snuggly fit the cushion.

DIY PROJECT - Crochet Cushion Cover

Now its on to sewing up the sides. Use the large needle and a length of the same wool you used for the crochet. Use a basic hand stitch to sew up the sides. The type of stitch doesn’t matter, just as long as the stitches are close enough together to avoid any gaps. Be sure to keep checking you are sewing all three layers once you get to the section where there are overlapping layers. Sew up both sides.

DIY PROJECT_Crochet Cushion Cover

Step 6 | Last Step

Once both sides are sewn up turn the cushion inside and pop your cushion in, make sure that it fits nicely, if not turn it back the other way and make some tweaks to your sewing to make it tighter or looser. Once your happy with it put your cushion in for the last time and admire your work!

DIY PROJECT_Crochet Cushion CoverDIY PROJECT_Crochet Cushion Cover

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