DIY HOUSE BUILD | House Design Brief

June 14, 2016

DIY HOUSE BUILD | House Design Brief

We have just finished the house design brief for our build and it’s all ready to be taken to the Architect! This is such an exciting moment, it feels like we’ve made so much progress. We can pretty much walk through the entire house in our minds now!

This little montage best shows the style of house we are aiming for, lots of concrete, wood, stone and steel. One things for sure it’s going to be sturdy! The process of narrowing down the ideas from the 100’s or possibly 1000’s of ideas we had was daunting and it took months of mulling it over in the back of our minds to come up with the final concept.

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UPCYCLE | DIY Dog Bowl From An Old Pottery Dish

May 30, 2016

UPCYCLE | DIY Dog Bowl From Old Pottery Dishes

I am in love with stoneware and pottery at the moment. I’ve bought so much of it lately that I’m starting to run out of things to use it for and places to put it! My house is pretty small so I’ve had to come up with some inventive uses for it all, otherwise face the reality of having to get rid of it.

My latest upcycling idea for a couple of these old dishes comes courtesy of a friend of mine, which is to use them as a DIY dog bowl for my pooches food and water. They look so much better than the boring old stainless steel variety I have been using.

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Last Minute DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

May 7, 2016

Last Minute DIY Mothers Day Gift IdeasIt’s been crazy busy around my place lately. We’re in the middle of designing our new house, which has been lots of fun but also been like a full time job and it hasn’t left much time for any DIY projects, let alone fitting in actual work and the rest of life’s chores. So this week I thought I would share some of my fav last minute DIY Mothers Day gift ideas from around the web. Lets face it, if your anything like me you would have left the gift till the last minute, so hopefully these help. Please leave a comment I would love to hear what you think.

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DIY HOUSE BUILD | My Kitchen Mood Board

March 11, 2016

Kitchen Style Inspiration

Things are getting exciting around here with the house build starting to pick up a little momentum over the last month. I feel like we are moving out of the ideas, “pie in the sky” phase into the super exciting “shit’s getting real” phase! Mr Practical has been busy getting machinery and equipment ready for the huge task of building it ourselves, while I have been working away like a little squirrel on what is looking to become the bible for this project – the “House Brief”, which includes a detailed document on every aspect of the house, along with many mood boards and images for visual back up, hence the kitchen mood board above.

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